Turbo Roof Ventilators are designed in a manner to fetch the normal as well as extreme weather conditions pertaining at any industrial or commercial shed so as to remove heat & dust to the extent possible, to maximize fresh air entry  into the shed and they are wind driven. They have the following specifications.


Working Principal

It utilizes wind energy to include air flow by centrifugal action. The centrifugal force generated by the rotating vanes creates low pressure zone, which draws fresh air from outside even after the stoppage of wind.

Industrial Ventilation System

Industrial Ventilation System is maintenance free, economical and requires no electricity. These ventilators haul out polluted, stale and hot air from within the building and replace it with fresh air from outside. Our range is a natural roof ventilator, specially designed to fit any roof profile. Clients can avail these ventilators in ridge mounted units or slope mounted units, the low profile structure and arched blades offer appealing aesthetic.



Rainbow Roof Ridge ventilators are a new concept in the ventilation field. These systems are designed and can be fixed on any sheet roof profile to remove effective heat humidity, smoke, fumes and dust from interiors, providing optimum fresh air in the working environment such as factories. It exchanges the air between inside and outside, allowing for coolness and fresh air with running and maintenance costs virtually nonexistent. They are of maximum benefit to industries needing continuous extraction of plant and sun heat.




Louver Window is a window blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain and direct sunshine. The angle of the slats may be adjustable, usually in blinds and windows, or fixed. It is manufactured using Aluminium or color coated GI Material.

Doors : Heavy Industrial Sliding Doors are excellent for large openings and are custom built to meet the requirements of our customers. They are ideal for industrial applications, both as external and internal doors where maximum door opening is required. The doors are designed for tough everyday operation, extremely sturdy, resistant to impact and effectively corrosion-protected.